We met in high school in our Spanish class (who knew Ms. Nunez would be

in our love story!). Kevin was a senior and I was a sophomore and we

were put in a study group together. After a few weeks of 'working'

together we decided that it was time for a date without the books. We

went to our local Italian restaurant where we enjoyed learning about

each other over pasta, the Senior Prom soon followed. Four years of

school, families meeting, after college jobs and all that comes with

growing up...we decided it was time to get married.

Our ceremony will take place at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Church

in Little Italy, San Diego on July 15th at 5pm. This church is special

to us because it is where Kevin's parents were married and with us being

Italian we couldn't think of a better place.

Following our marriage ceremony we invite everyone to join us on the

Bahia Bell for a dinner cruise. The boat will leave the dock at 7pm

sharp...be there or be ready to swim. Since we will be cruising Mission

Bay we suggest bringing a wrap of some sort - it might get chilly.

We are so excited about our upcoming wedding and marriage. Not only are

we joining with each other for eternity, we're joining our families

together - we are thankful to have such wonderful love and support.

Thank you for visiting our website and our honeymoon registry. We look

forward to disovering Europe since neither of us have ever been.

Thanks to everyone visiting our honeymoon registry - we hope to put all that Spanish we learned in school to use in Spain! We want to send a special thank you

to our friends and family making the long trip out to Southern

California. Our day would not be the same without each and everyone of you!